At the Carousel Cafe

The morning starts quietly, several “regulars” are in the cafe chatting quietly enjoying their coffee. Our waitress, Vickie, is moving from table to table keeping our coffee warm and making small talk. She ask me where Butch is and I reply “he is in San Francisco with Jackie celebrating their anniversary”. She ask if Leonard would be coming. I did not know and said I would wait awhile.  I continued to read my theater programs from the east coast.
A man with three small children came in for breakfast. He looked awefully tired. The children were in the process of waking up it appeared. And then they started come out of their stupor, oh well things were quiet for a bit. Thinking of all the children I have known, mine included, they all seem to lack the ability to adjust their speaking volume. Though these children were not extremely loud, I had NO problem hearing them. I looked over to Jim and we gave each other knowing looks and smiled at each other and went back to our coffee and conversations or in my case my play programs. My breakfast in arriving and now it is time to put this post away.  2 poached eggs, a cup of grits, 1 piece of toast (rye) and of course more coffee.

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